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Can You Just Tell Me What To Eat?!

I mean, I can. But it won’t help you. I do wish it was that easy. I wish we all had the same preferences for what we like to eat. If the seasons didn’t change and we all lived in the same places with the same available produce, and the same income, etc… it might be easier too. But I know you don’t like what I like and I don’t like what you like. Its kind of similar to when you eat at a friends house-its always (mostly) delicious but everyone cooks in a different way, prefers the spices and flavors they like and its just plain different.

I can do a calculation based on your height, weight, age and gender to give me an idea of what your body burns calorie wise in a given day. You can also do this I imagine on some internet calculator as well. However I simply have no way of tracking your exercise planned and unplanned, the amount of the sleep you get, your current hydration status, weekday versus weekends, etc….and all of that changes constantly from day to day. You are special and unique and your body burns calories and needs a different amount of fuel than someone else.

So I cannot tell you what to eat or give you a detailed meal plan. I would not be helping you. A meal plan is impossible to follow in the long term of life. Your personal meal plan has to be personal. You have to tap inward and start to figure out what you prefer to eat, what tastes good and what is available and realistic for you to eat regularly. You know your body better than I ever could. You know-or you can learn-what makes your body feel good and energetic. I can and will assist you in exploration and overall process, but I cannot choose.

You are not a one-size-fits-all meal plan. There are a ton of free meal plans floating about the internet. They provide some insight into balance and can be a useful guide but in the long run they provide unrealistic ideas. Life happens and you cannot follow a plan everyday.

Trying and failing, having success, asking questions and seeking the help of a professional will promote growth and understanding of the process. For example, realizing you need a mid-morning snack or you will be starving by 3pm is huge. Figuring out the right combination for that snack involves trial and error and also asking questions related to overall health and food availability.

So what should you do if you are so frustrated and have no idea where the heck to start?

Begin by examining your current patterns. Keep a journal with your daily food, drinks and emotions. Were you hungry? Did you eat until you were stuffed? Did you feel guilty after eating? Do you eat breakfast? Do you include snacks in your day? How is your energy level during the day?

Eventually you will start to uncover what makes you feel good, full of energy, digesting healthfully and socially easy.

This all will take time. It will be a practice in patience and a willingness to start listening to what your body is trying to tell you. It will take time to learn, time to trial and error, and time to grow. Give yourself grace and reach out often if you need me as a guide. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, a few probing questions and healthy suggestions might be all you need to kick start the process.

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