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I am NOT a quick fix

I am not a quick fix. I’ll repeat, I am not a quick fix. When I am talking with clients I see so much potential for each and every one of them. I also see motivation and interest drop after they realize I am not a quick fix. I am not saying that about everyone, but I have observed the trends.

If I was a fad diet, or selling a product other than myself, I imagine money could be made for you to lose 5 pounds quickly. But I’m not a fad diet or a quick weight loss method. I don’t want to see you lose 5 pounds quickly only to gain 10 back.every.single.time. It happens time and time again, a new flashy diet only to gain it all, and more, back!

Diet culture and all of the products and fancy new diets are a multi-billion dollar company (!!) None of the diets work long term-if they did they wouldn’t have to keep coming up with new ones to continue to make money. Please consider this as the newest diet is right around the corner….”Lose those pandemic pounds-only eat 2 foods groups”...or something like that.

When you get the college degree, complete the year-long internship, pass the national test, and pay to keep up to date on continuing education every year- you also agree to provide ethical, unbiased, science backed information to your clients. I have done all of that and I would never steer anyone into a harmful situation, physically or emotionally. I became a dietitian because I wanted to help people.

I can be vague about what my services are exactly or what a session looks like because EVERY person is different and unique. Every session is personalized to you. I am committed to working with you to help you break down barriers to your overall wellness related to your own life. Unless your medical condition and doctor support a specific diet I will not count macros, or give you a generic meal plan, or shell out quick weight loss tips. I want you to succeed. The only way to integrate healthy changes is gradually and on your terms as it applies to your life.

I am highly concerned about your overall wellness. What you eat happens to fall in the middle of overall wellness though its usually not about the food. There is always another barrier to break down when it comes to healthy eating. I hear very often: “I know what I should be eating, I know how to eat healthy, I just have to do it.”

Why is it that everyone knows what they should be doing but no one can follow through? That is where I come in. I have a nutrition science background combined with counseling skills to help you identify what is getting in the way. We can work together to find out what makes the most sense in your lifestyle. Overall wellness has to be realistic, obtainable, and personalized and it takes time to build small changes into healthy habits. Habits that will carry you throughout your lifetime.

I’ve done a lot of brainstorming over the summer and I am changing my protocols to provide better results to my clients. I will be changing from singular nutrition sessions to packages for working on nutrition every other week for 2 month, 4 month or 6 month duration's. Research supports committing to a longer time frame will drastically help you reach your goals and hold onto your good habits moving forward. I do not want to waste your time or money and I want you to get the results you desire….But again, I am not a quick fix. Working through all the habits you have picked up along the way takes time and commitment.

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