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I Ate Two Dinners!

We recently to the Midwest where I grew up and where my whole family still lives. They are on eastern time, 3 hours ahead of us here in the Pacific Northwest.

After spending 12 days (!!) there I felt adjusted to the time zone. I am usually tired at night pretty early so I love going to bed at 10pm there knowing it is only 7pm my regular time. #gettingolder

For the first time ever I just let my body guide me when to eat. I didn’t skimp on plane snacks on the flight there like I normally would since I consider it just sitting for 5 hours. I felt great, like really good after traveling with small children and getting up at 2:30am. I didn’t worry about being hungry at the right times or too hungry at strange times instead I just went with it. I fell right into schedule with my parents meal times just like my children always do. It was eye opening and worth sharing. I didn’t realize how much I must micro-manage my eating habits when out of town.

12 long days later we traveled back flying out at 6:30 eastern. Factoring the hour drive to the airport, possible construction, and check in time, etc… we said our good byes at 3:30 and began a long day/night of travel (with our two kids). That day we all ate regular breakfast at 8am, snacks at 10ish and lunch around 1pm. We grabbed dinner at the airport at 5:30-regular day, no big deal. After the 5 hour flight we arrived in Seattle at 8:30pm (11:30 eastern) and proceeded to eat ANOTHER full dinner!

In years past I would of stressed about this, the timing, the late meals, two meals, everything. But I didn’t, I just ate another meal because I was hungry and you know what-I felt great! I went to bed easily even though it was late; I woke up at a good time and felt rested and full of energy. By far it was the best I have ever rebounded from traveling. I do not doubt it is because I was well fueled but also because I was not stressed about food. It was eye-opening, how many times have I felt like crap during/after travel just because I felt the time spent sitting didn’t warrant actual meals. Crazy!

We are all still learning our bodies--nutrition experts included! I am 40 years old and I thought I would have it all down by now but I continue to learn everyday. I think it's a good thing and helpful to revisit during nutrition sessions. We are all trying to figure it out!

I am so glad I chose this path for my life and I love learning more and teaching about intuitive eating. It is wonderful to be able to trust your body and let it show you the way. It lowers my stress level daily and increases my confidence. And who doesn’t need to reduce some life stressors about now?!

#practicewhatyoupreach #neverstoplearning

P.S. This is a brag, but I also popped out of that plane on a Thursday night and went on to run a 5 mile race (85 degrees/90% humidity) Friday night where I was the 1st 40 year old out of 16 in my age group. #wellfueled

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