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Lunch Anyone?

It has taken me a little bit of time to realize this but the hardest meal for most people to plan for is lunch. Whether you are at work or at home does not seem to make a difference. Eating breakfast is strictly 50%, people either love it or hate it. And with dinner, that seems to be by far the meal most everyone plans for and I’m thinking its because there are usually other people involved. I like to see that you are genuinely conscious of your families nutrition and the importance of eating a meal together. Nice job.

Now, back to the topic of lunch. The go-to’s that come to mind initially are: sandwiches or wraps, leftovers, and salads. Blah, blah, super exciting, that is not a whole lot of options. What about the snack lunch? I posted on social media about this awhile ago after realizing I personally enjoy a good snack lunch. I start by adding my cut up vegetables and fresh fruit to the plate and then I sometimes add a dip for them. After that I decide where my protein should come from. Sometimes I’ll add meat or hard boiled eggs if they are really easy to grab. My go-to is typically a nut of some sort because I love the salty crunch. I might get crazy and make some ants on a log with celery and nut butter and dried fruit...but not too often. And then I round out my lunch with some sort of carbohydrate. There are so many things I rotate in here and they have differing nutritional value, but balance. For example I might choose almond flour crackers, tortilla chips, whole wheat toast, popcorn, delicious chips or cheetos (not often but once in awhile!) If I haven’t had many other whole grains in my day I definitely make sure I am getting some in at lunch, I need the fiber and vitamins! I bet you can think of some other things you might personally enjoy adding to this snack lunch.

Another lunch option I recently adopted and really love when I’m on top of things enough to execute it is to pick something just for me for lunch. For example, I’ll be looking at a cookbook or recipes or internet food something and I come across a meal that sounds really good to me. It’s typically something my family, husband included, would likely stick up their noses to. In my case it’s usually something with a lot of spices and colors and flavors and textures and hopefully I can make a batch of it to stretch for lunches just for me for most of the week. Like I said, I wish I did this more and consider it to be a form of self-care. As I am writing this I am going to make it a priority for the upcoming crazy week ahead. I encourage you to consider the same, or at least consider some sort of lunch planning ahead!

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