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My Favorite Foods...and what I actually eat!

I decided to challenge myself to write out 10 of my most favorite foods. It took some thought and I am pretty sure it has changed through the years. Side note-our taste buds change and evolve every 7 years... But, it was harder than I thought it would be. It was fun though to think about all my favorites in one place- I dare you to try it now:___________________

So my favs in no particular order are: Cookies, peppers, nut butter, salsa, dense hearty bread, sushi, honey, berries, tacos, granola and Mediterranean food.

Now, think about all the different foods you eat on a regular basis, some of the staples of your diet, things you buy every week. Try it now: ________________________________

My weekly go to's are: hemp seed bread, nut butter, honey, berries, (breakfast daily) peppers, eggs, lentils, cucumbers, granola and yogurt.

So I really encourage you to make your own 2 lists and compare them. You most definitely should have foods that overlap!! If your lists are totally different how could you make some changes. Try adding one of your favorites to everyday life. I know for myself when I include some of my favorites into everyday life it does indeed make me happier. It also allows me to be a bit more excited for meal planning, grocery shopping and overall cooking. I don't know about you but I have a really hard time making things I don't actually like. I do not get excited about them and I am more likely to skip making them and purchase something I'd rather eat! My poor husband loves mashed potatoes, he told me he could eat them everyday, and he may have growing up. I have never liked them, too mushy for me so you can see we probably don't eat them that often. This is true but about once a month I do include them with dinner and often make a larger batch so he can have them left over for a couple days.

I encourage you to think about what drives your food choices. It is ok to pick healthy foods that make us feel good, etc... But you can't sustain this all the time, at every meal and snack everyday, you have to have some good stuff thrown in the rotation too or you are so much more likely to go crazy when you do have all the things that you actually like!

What are you going to add today? I know I just realized I am going to add some sushi into my day today ;)

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