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Northwest BOD Exclusive BODy Reset Program

We've come a long way from last year at this time and everyone has adapted and found new ways to accomplish their goals.

I am no exception. I just turned there is a change from last year! In addition to getting older I would like to think I continue to get wiser too. The BODy reset program is a product of 17 years as a registered dietitian and continued work with weight maintenance, overall health and fixing relationships with food. I work on negative relationships with food that have been going on way before this pandemic hit us.

In the introductory 3 months of BODy reset I have witnessed successes because of the accountability, personalization as well as the flexibility of zoom. I have a six week "plan" for what I want to accomplish in each of our sessions. And while that part is really special and people do learn every week, the important part is meeting so often. The other successful aspect is having time to practice, sometimes fail, and then discussing strategies to work through the challenges every week.

The sessions are not long, 20-30 mins, but enough time each week to learn something new. We then agree upon a new goal and try out new thought processes around eating and habits. I still have yet to have anyone follow the path I have laid out exactly but that is the point. Everyone is unique in their process and I enjoy being able to adapt the program to the week you've had and what you deem important.

By far continuity provides the best results and accountability is key for many. I would love to be able to meet with you once and help you figure out everything all at once but I cannot learn your whole eating life in one session. You are too unique and your life changes too quickly to come up with a life long plan that will serve you long term. Through the six weeks you will be gaining a "tool box" of sorts to utilize in the future for when you get stuck or fall back into unhealthy habits. I present this to you at the end for safe keeping so you can reflect back when you need to.

I love the BODy reset program and the way it is changing the way people think about food and eating in a positive way versus the expensive yo-yo weight dieting products. I am constantly researching, updating and adding new material to the program which is why I am raising the price to $250 on April 1, 2021. If you are interested in starting the program don't delay!

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