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Quarantine Days

It finally got to me. I’m not sure if its because Sunday is nearly over and a new week is beginning again with no fun plans and my husband is going back to work. I’m usually a pretty optimistic person but I have reached a hurdle and I am hoping writing will allow me to jump right over it and not look back. I could list all of my fears related to this pandemic and how that has changed every day as more news is filtered through my social media accounts. But, that wouldn’t be exciting or helpful or encouraging so instead I am going to focus on the good stuff, because when I really look at the days spent in quarantine in the last 2 weeks there are a lot of good and present memories with my family.

With a few exceptions like the snowfall early on, the weather has been pretty fantastic. I love to be outside more than anything so being able to be at home and outside has been really terrific. As long as the kids are game to “help” clean up yard debris, work the soil in our #frontyardgarden (25’ x 75’ fenced space that I never have enough time for), entertain the chickens and the overall clean up efforts that springtime brings. They have been mostly helpful overall. Most importantly they have all sorts of questions this year and I actually have the TIME to answer and explain and then they can model what I am trying to do as well since our time does seem endless right now.

Secondly, living across the country from my family always has its challenges. I miss my parents, sister and brother and their families and my friends. Typically we visit once a year but this year is questionable as the pandemic continues on. The positive with everyone stuck at home is we have been utilizing Alexa with great frequency and checking in on everyone virtually much more often. It is fun to call randomly and unplanned fully knowing everyone is home. I love watching the boys interact with my parents, their cousins, Aunt and Uncles. With a minimal timeline we are able to chat for much longer than we allowed in the past and with the 3 hour time difference it was mostly on the weekends only.

Thirdly, I’ve spent more time in the kitchen, eating and snacking yes, but also cooking and baking with the kids. The more they are involved the more they are willing to try. As a dietitian this undoubtedly is not surprising to me; but as a parent it is eye-opening all the things they willingly try when they have had a hand in it. I am finding I do in fact have more patience with more time. Everyone is learning, eating and thriving, that is a lot to be thankful for!

Fourthly, and very importantly, I miss my #nwbodtribe and my group of friends. It has made me realize how often I float ideas, vent, listen and learn with my people. I miss working out next to my friends and seeing them and their kids daily. Thankfully, Northwest Bod is offering amazing classes on Zoom and when I tune in it immediately gives me a sense of joy and calm. I am so happy to be able to connect virtually. I cannot wait until we are all back together, it is going to be awesome!

Lastly and not of least importance is the time spent with my family. The boys, Jonah (6) and Luke (4) really are growing up fast, they are not babies anymore. I am appreciating the time we have spent these past few weeks sleeping in and snuggling more, working on school work, doing experiments, baking, taking a walk everyday and playing in the yard. I miss seeing them interact with their friends and I think this is by far my largest concern moving forward. With my older son being autistic we have worked really hard on social appropriateness, being a good friend, speech and proper communication, etc… Kindergarten has been amazingly good for him: routine, friends, excellent teachers, learning, riding the bus, and I am whole-heartedly missing it for him. We are trying to keep up his communication and for the most part he has done well as we follow a rough schedule of sorts. Nevertheless, I am truly worried about him integrating back to real life after all of this. But, as I said this is a positive on what has been actually going on and I am hoping with so much one-on-one time with all of us that he will continue to flourish. He has been overall happy and continues to challenge himself with reading and writing unprompted at home so that is a win.

My blog posts usually circle around food, fueling, intuitive eating, sports nutrition—or at least that was my plan when I started a month ago. I thought as I started writing maybe I could swing it back that way to make it nutrition oriented. I am not a writer by nature, mostly a reader so for me I am trying to keep to my blog when I am inspired. Clearly food inspires me but today, during this time, I am using writing as a healthy outlet and a form of self care. In no time I’ll get another blog post up on something nutrition related, thanks for reading in the meantime.

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