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The Power of Reese's Pieces

So I have a story and it’s one I’ve been thinking on for awhile, well at least since I bought Reese's pieces in September…. Definitely one of my favorite candy combos-peanut butter and chocolate, crunchy-yum! I decided to challenge my intuitive eating skills and Costco has those darn large containers!

Let me back up first though, very far back to fresh out of college and internship and passing my RD exam and my first real job and newly married-yes, all pretty much in the same year (not recommended). Young, poor, educated, excited, new house, new jobs, missing college and friends, just new everything.

So I’ll also mention intuitive eating wasn’t on my radar- it simply was not taught at that time. College taught me medical nutrition therapy- i.e. every person could be calculated scientifically based on weight, height, activity level and age as to what their body would need calorie wise. I was merely the person to do the calculation and spit out said number to the client navigating any suggestions as they needed. Simple but far from effective unless you are only calculating tube feeding calorie needs.

Ok so back to the candy. During this new time I purchased those extra large bags of reese's pieces often and ate them by the handful. I had no control what so ever. I never really thought it was a problem but I did stop buying them when I felt like it wasn’t a healthy habit. As soon as I stopped buying them I craved them even more! To be transparent though-when I was grabbing handfuls of them I was actually limiting them, it just happened to be in large quantities. Finally in complete retrospect over 15 years later I realize I was unhappy, under fueled (I had taken up marathon running since my new husband was never home) had not-so-great body confidence and few friends.

Fast forward to this year. When I saw them at costco in the large container I was scared. It brought me back to those years of feeling like I didn’t have control. I walked past them on two shopping trips until I finally gave in. Of course my kids were thrilled. The first day I had a small handful. I waited and waited to go out of control... but it never happened. I do not crave them anymore. I’ll grab like 5 every couple days maybe. Simply knowing they are there, knowing that I can eat them if I want them is enough. Its been 2, maybe 3 months of them in our snack drawer and we are at half way through. The kids have long forgotten they are there and we did make some cookies with them around halloween but I feel confident they will be stale before they are gone.

I am not often unhappy and lonely as I was at that younger time in my life. I only recently realized I was filling a void with food at that time. I too am still learning and growing. It may take my lifetime to understand my eating patterns and cravings, etc. I keep gathering information and researching and learning every single day so I can help others find their patterns and help to guide them along their intuitive eating journey.

I challenge you to do the same with one of your cravings. It is sooo enlightening to take the power away from food. There might be memories, good or bad, attached to that food. I guess that’s why it was hard for me to put this into words because the history behind it wasn’t as pretty as I would of liked. But years later, divorced, remarried, kids, new state, new jobs, new everything….and now a global pandemic- I am happy to say those reese's don’t control me. No food does.

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