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What is Intuitive Eating to me

Intuitive eating is making food choices based on listening to your body for cues. Research supports if we are able to slow down throughout our busy days and actually listen that we would be able to pick nourishing food over junk most often. Personally I find it to be a form of self care. When you stop to listen you are more likely to be kinder to your body, you are more likely to realize you need more sleep, more water, more fiber, etc....

When you don't slow down and practice eating intuitively you may be confusing some of your bodies signals. For example, " I am feeling low on energy so I must need more caffeine or maybe a sugar pick-me-up," instead of, "Am I thirsty? When was the last time I had a meal or snack? Did I work out hard today?" So many examples of things we tell ourselves throughout the day without really trying to find the answer.

Intuitive Eating as a model has 10 principles and I treat it much like yoga in that it is a practice. Something you cannot possibly master all at once. It takes time to break down all of the negativity around eating for years (decades?) of our lives. But you have to start somewhere...

As a registered dietitian I did not learn this in college, or my hospital internship, or grad classes, or at any continuing education event early on. I learned about intuitive eating more recently in the last ten years by listening to clients, reading the research, and

working with others to pursue healthy eating while also practicing it myself. (Intuitive and mindfulness eating have now been added into the dietetics curriculum because of the research and success) Since then I have done a lot of research and included it in my consultations because it is so much more than just handing someone a diet and letting them go on their way. It is listening to the real struggles they are having with food and slowing them down to see a different way. I am not perfect, I still make bad choices, we all do, but I would love to help you make some good choices too!

Through out this blog I hope to inspire you to start listening to your body and start figuring out what it really wants. This does imply you need to trust yourself but that is part of the process.

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