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Why am I always so hungry on rest days?

Sundays are a typical rest day for me along with one other mid-week day. I often find myself either not as hungry or with a ravenous appetite. We all know it is important to take rest days to rebuild and restore muscle tissue, refresh our mental energy, reduce the risk of injury and avoid over training. What happens when our hunger doesn’t match our activity level for the day? Likely your body is trying to tell you something, so stop and listen!

Here are a few reasons why your body may be requiring extra nutrients:

1. Did you have an intense workout the day before? It is possible you did not refuel correctly and your body is still rebuilding muscle and replacing glycogen stores. This is especially important after those really hard sessions or a lengthy week of intense cardio or weight lifting.

2. Similar to #1, you may not have hydrated accurately and your body is dehydrated. Sometimes this can feel the same as being hungry. Try drinking a glass of water and then decipher if you are actually hungry and go from there.

3. Could it be close to your time of the month? Hormones play a huge role in our body systems and regulation of hunger and appetite. If you are more hungry and craving something unusual your hormones may be to blame. For some people this is only one or so days a month or every couple months but for others it can be more frequent.

4. Some days you are just hungrier than others. It is important to honor your body’s hunger. You don’t always need an explanation.

Having awareness about changes in hunger and fuel within our body is healthy. It is intuitive to be able to listen, reflect and nourish appropriately. Ultimately your body’s nutritional needs should be spread out through the week with variations from day to day but with overall balance. Don’t beat yourself up because you ate an extra serving today, or enjoyed something delicious, just know your body needed it for something important.

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