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Why Dazzling?

Over the weekend someone asked me why I chose “Dazzling” for my Instagram title. It really is simple, I googled adjectives that start with “D” and dazzling was very near the top. I make choices rather quickly, I always have. I probably should of scrolled further but on my own I had only come up with a few, “dynamite, deep, dumb, dorky, drunk, dedicated, detailed, dark, diligent”... I might be some of those but dazzling just stuck out to me. I associate it with sparkly things-which I love, and stars and lights too. Being the only female in my household I could use a little more glitter and sparkle…

I bring this up because my husband asked me the same question last night as to how I arrived at dazzling dietitian and I told him just as I explained. He said dazzling sounds arrogant. Like I am some sort of superstar dietitian. I was pretty shocked!! Totally not my intention at all. How he got that out of dazzling I am not sure but I guess it is all in how you interpret it. Maybe I subconsciously chose it because I want to be dazzling, I want to do a good job and be a super star. I did not pick the name because I think I am better than anyone, and if you know me at all you would agree. I have a bad habit of making fun of myself.

In past years I've held other titles that I did not really chose: dietetic intern, WIC dietitian, clinical dietitian, renal/kidney specialist dietitian, and Deschutes County staff dietitian. I did like being those titles too but being able to chose for myself, well maybe I will just try and live up to it and be extra sparkly!

I hope I haven't offended anyone by picking a title for myself. I really hope I can be something positive and sparkly and dazzling in your life. If you had the chance what would you change your title to? strong sister, polite parent, handsome husband, wild wife, fast friend...

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