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"I just recently completed the six week body reset with Sara Kuhn.  What I received from my initial investment is beyond my expectations. Money and time well spent. 


Working with Sara was informative and fun. I received resources and tools to help me achieve my nutrition goals.  She validated my feelings and helped me identify areas that needed improvement and acknowledged areas where I was on the right track. I never felt rushed during our time together. 


The game changer for me was understanding the mind body connection and learning what my body needs intuitively vs. my emotional attachment to certain types of food.


At the end of six weeks I gained insight and lost a few pounds and inches. I also gained confidence about making informed and intuitive choices when it comes to fueling my body. I highly recommend working with Sara when you are ready to make permanent and lasting changes in the way you eat."

— Mary C.




"Working with Sara was a great experience.  With her help, I was able to break my cycle of mindless snacking and stress eating.  She gave me tools to gauge my hunger level and better fuel my body to stave off processed food cravings.  Her suggestion of eating a little bit larger and better quality breakfast gave me more energy during my workouts, and I snacked less during the day.  I appreciate her approach to intuitive eating and listening to what your body needs and how it reacts to certain foods."




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